Technical Sprays

Are you looking for car maintenance products? MOTIP’s Technical Sprays are real problem solvers. MOTIP has the products you need, from cleaning agents and lubricants to tools for disassembly.

The Technical Sprays are divided into five categories: Lubrication, Cleaning, Protection, Tools and Assembly

NEW! Ceramic Paste

Lubricate brake systems, brake parts, exhaust parts and other connections of highly stressed surfaces exposed to high temperatures with the MOTIP Ceramic Paste.


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Influences from outside can damage materials. Covers become dirty, rubbers no longer close properly, V-belts start to slip, metals oxidise and moisture causes electrical malfunctions. With the right solution, you can keep materials and parts in the best condition. Our protective Technical Sprays provide solutions for a wide range of applications.




Materials that slide or wear together can get stuck. By regularly applying lubrication sprays or lubricants, you prolong the service life of parts, reduce wear and prevent malfunctions. MOTIP’s selection of lubricants provides solutions for a wide range of applications. The choice of the right lubricant depends on the temperature, speed, pressure, type of motion and environmental factors.




Assembling nuts and bolts can sometimes be difficult because they sometimes fully clamp. Problems often occur when loosening connections of rusty screws. MOTIP’s (dis)assembly product range offers the right assembly greases to deal with every related problem. Using the correct assembly grease makes mounting a lot easier, as well as loosening later.




Removing dirt can be simple and efficient if you use the right products. Our range of Technical Sprays covers the entire spectrum. Easily clean parts of your car with the cleaning sprays. MOTIP has high-quality cleaning agents for every surface, from brake cleaner to textile cleaner.




MOTIP has developed a number of tools for providing extra help with various activities. MOTIP helps you to easily remove dust from hard-to-reach places, with starting problems, and with the quick and easy removal of chewing gum from upholstery.



Drums in large amounts for refillable purposes. Available for brake cleaner, industrial cleaner, citrus cleaner, multi spray, copper spray and cut & drill lubricant in 5L, 25L or 60L.