Car Care

Is your car ready for a thorough wash? The MOTIP Car Care range consists of many cleaning and care products for both the interior and exterior of your car. In this way, you can make your car look like new inside and out. MOTIP has the products you need, from cleaning agents for the dashboard and upholstery of your car to those for your rims. 


Wheel Care

Make your car’s tyres and wheel caps look like new again with MOTIP cleaners. This keeps the tyres of your car clean and gives them a durable shine.



Glass care

Clean your windows, windscreen and mirrors with MOTIP's Glass Care products. Make them ready for the rainy days. 




Easily clean mud and other dirt off your car with our cleaning agents. From tar and resin to insects and ordinary mud, MOTIP cleaning agents allow your car to shine again. 

Are you going to polish your car? MOTIP has various polishing products for you. So you can easily polish away small scratches, get chrome parts to shine again and restore the colour of your car.




Let the interior of your car feel fresh again with MOTIP products. Use Cockpit Spray for your dashboard and Textile Cleaner for cleaning car coverings. Finish it off with one of the wonderful scents in the MOTIP Airco Refreshers range.



Winter Car care

The cold days have arrived. Prepare yourself with the right products, so you will be back on the track with your car in no-time. Frozen windows, locked doors, starting issues? MOTIP has the winter car care products for you.