How to use the Ceramic Paste?

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MOTIP Ceramic Paste is a high quality assembly paste based on ceramic particles for the long-lasting lubrication of highly stressed surfaces exposed to high temperatures and corrosive influences such as brake systems, brake parts, exhaust parts and various flange and (bolt) connections. MOTIP Ceramic Paste reduces the friction of moving parts and provides effective protection against corrosion. The Ceramic Paste is easy to use due to the application brush attached to the cap. This new product is a true innovation for the MOTIP brand. The Ceramic Paste is supplied in an environmentally friendly dosage system which is powered only by air and is free from GHS symbols.


Description Contents Article Number EAN code
Ceramic Paste 200 ML 090311 8711347266623



  • Suitable for temperatures up to +1.500 °C
  • Enriched with ceramic particles
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Reduces friction of moving parts
  • 360 °C application 
  • User-friendly
  • Free of metals
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Transparent packing with content indicator 


The high quality Ceramic Paste is good for a wide range of applications. As the paste is suitable for temperatures up to +1,500 degrees, you can use it well when changing the brakes. Apply the product to the contact areas of the brake pads and the brake caliper support. While changing the brakes also use our well known brake cleaner to clean the brake system. Other examples of applications with the Ceramic Paste are exhaust parts, various flanges and metal connections.

With the application brush included and the 360° range the Ceramic Paste is easy to use. This application brush makes it possible to rightly dose the amount of product to the surfaces to be treated.

How do you place the brush?

MOTIP Ceramic Paste comes with a brush attached to the cap. On the packaging are instructions on how to position the brush and trigger. We are happy to explain it to you here. 

Step 1:

On the cap is the trigger with brush. Remove the cap from the product. The tube is now visible. 

Step 2:

Press the underside of the trigger with brush on the cap on the tube. Afterwards you can still turn around the trigger with brush. This might give the idea it is not stuck, but it is. 

Step 3:

Do you find that the cap of the product is in the way? You can easily remove it by unscrewing the brush from the trigger and removing the cap. Then tighten the brush firmly so that no product gets in between. 

Once the trigger with brush is attached to the product, you will not be able to remove it again.

Step 4:

Open the lid of the brush and slide the holder backwards. The brush is now visible. Click the lid backwards to the holder so it is not in the way of the brush. You can now get to work. By pressing the trigger, the product comes out through the brush. Ceramic Paste should be applied sparingly as a thin film using the brush.

After care

After use, you can remove the excess with paper or smear it on a piece of card or cloth. After use, place the cap back on the brush to protect the brush.