MOTIP has a complete range for various professional applications. With MOTIP Technical Sprays, you can easily clean and protect machines from all kinds of influences. MOTIP also has Food Grade Sprays for use in the food industry and a wide range of industrial paints such as RAL Acryl Paint, Spray Filler, Primers, Zinc Sprays and Marking Sprays, both for marking carriers and manual use.


RAL Acryl

Spray surfaces of wood, metal, aluminium, glass, stone and plastic in preferred RAL colours with acryl spray paint. RAL Acryl can be used in construction areas, factories and other industrial environments. Distinguish pipes from each other or touch up a part with the desired colour to make it inclusive again. MOTIP has a wide variety of RAL colours available in spray paint and various touch-up pencils.


Universal & Specialty Paints

Damage can occur on all kinds of materials. MOTIP has a complete range of diverse special paints for these substrates to use in factories, construction areas and so on. From Zinc Repair to Bi-Chromatage Spray, rust prevention, fillers and sealers, MOTIP has a solution to fix any damage.



Technical Sprays

Are you looking for maintenance products for your workplace? MOTIP’s Technical Sprays are real problem solvers. MOTIP has the maintenance products for your company, from cleaning agents, lubricants, tools for disassembly. The Technical Sprays are categorized in protection, lubrication, cleaning, tools and assembly


Food Grade

Machinery in the food industry might be in need for proper maintenance from time to time to prevent damage or malfunctions. MOTIP offers high quality maintenance products for machines and components. All the parts of the machines will run smoothly again.




Mark the surfaces of stone, concrete, asphalt, wood and metal with our Marking Sprays. The range consists of spray cans for manual use and for use in specially developed carriers for various activities.