Need products for your car? MOTIP has everything you need for your car! For example, car repair paints for damage repair, various special paints for tuning effects, various car care products, fillers and underbody coatings for maintenance and protection.

Nothing you can’t fix!

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. How do I use an aerosol?

    You will find the instructions for use of an aerosol on the product page. If available, you will find recommended blogs/articles and a video. Before use, always read the instructions on the product label and read the technical data sheet. These can be downloaded (TI/ TDS) from the product page.
  • 2. Where can I download an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) or TDS (Technical Data Sheet)?

    On all specific product pages you have the option to download an SDS or TDS of the product. Also in the direct search in the search bar you will see an option to directly download an SDS or TDS of the product. Can't find a product? In the top right corner of the page you can switch between segments. Here you choose Automotive (lacquers, putty, additives, technical sprays and car care), Industry (RAL lacquers, technical sprays, marking), Do-it-yourself (Deco, Carat, Crafts, Effect) or Bike. Is a download not working? Then please contact us using the form below. We will try to provide you with the documents within a few working days.
  • 3. Do you have my car paint colour? There are no results for my search.

    At the moment we do not have your car colour available. This can always change in the future. We keep track of the searches to enrich our product range, should the demand be high.
  • 4. What is the shelf life of an aerosol can?

    The date until which the product can be used can be found on the bottom of the aerosol can.
  • 5. I cannot find certain product groups. (RAL, Marking, Effect, Carat, Bike)

    The website is divided into different segments: automotive, industrial, bicycle and decorative. In the top right corner you will see an icon with a word behind it, here you can switch between segments. You can also use the search bar. Here you get the results from all segments.
  • 6. What precautions should I take before using an aerosol?

    Read the hazard and precautionary statements on the label carefully. Make sure you use the aerosol outside or in a well-ventilated area. Always cover the area around the room. Use a mask to avoid breathing in the vapours and, if necessary, use gloves to avoid getting any remnants of the product on your hands. Product can always get on your clothes, make sure you wear old clothes. The use of an aerosol is entirely at your own risk.
  • 7. No paint comes out of my spray can. (No-spray ring)

    All our lacquer spray cans have a no-spray ring. Remove the spray cap and take off the ring. The spray can is now ready for use. Is there still no paint coming out of your spray can? Please contact us via the contact form.

Looking for other products?


Car Repair Paints

Do you have any minor damage on your car? At MOTIP, you will find all the paints you need to repair damage to your car or other vehicles. This allows you to easily repair dents, scratches, chips and other damage. 



Universal and Specialty Paints

In addition to car repair paints, MOTIP also has paints for specific purposes. Think for example about heat-resistant paints or paints to embellish parts with special effects like hammerfinish. 



Car Body Protection

Suffering from chipping or rust on the underside of your car? All car body sprays offer protection against, road salt, chippings, moisture and rust.




With MOTIP Putties, you can easily repair damage to your car, from holes and dents to scratches. MOTIP has putties available for different surfaces. 




Would you like to have some sleek details on your car? The tuning line offers colourful paints for you to embellish parts of your car like brake callipers, engine block or mirrors.



Car care

Is your car ready for a thorough wash? The MOTIP Car Care range consists of many cleaning and care products for both the interior and exterior of your car.



Technical Sprays

MOTIP’s Technical Sprays are great maintenance products. The technical sprays are categorized in cleaning, lubrication, protection, assembly and tools. 




Do you want to clean and protect the diesel or petrol engine of your car? MOTIP Additives reduces the risk of problems in your car's engine and high repair costs.