Removable Coating

Give details of your car a new look with a removable coating on parts such as rims and the logo emblem of your car with MOTIP Removable Coating. Remove the coating again easily by pulling off the created film. Suitable to treat smooth, non-absorbing surfaces, like blank metal, aluminium, glass and surfaces treated with 2K lacquers. MOTIP Removable Coating is oversprayable but not suitable for surfaces treated with 1K lacquer systems.

  • 8 colours
  • 2 gloss types
    • high gloss
    • mat
  • 500 ML

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  • Resistant to chemicals and weather influences
  • Good filling property
  • Fast drying
  • 360° valve

Usage instructions

Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly.

Pre Treatment: Clean the surface, do not sand. The surface should be clean, dry and free of grease. Do not apply any primer.

The surface should be clean, dry and free of grease. The aerosol should have room temperature. Best processing temperature 10 to 25°C at a relative humidity of <65%.

Before use, shake the aerosol for 3 minutes and spray a sample. Distance to the surface to be treated approximately 25 to 30 centimetre.

Apply at least 5 layers removable lacquer, with an interval of 5 minutes. To avoid cracking of the film when removing this, apply an extra layer at critical spots (corners and edges).

The drying time depends on the ambient temperature, the humidity of the air and the thickness of the lacquer applied.



500 ML
EAN 8711347230815


500 ML
EAN 8711347230839


500 ML
EAN 8711347230853


500 ML
EAN 8711347230877


500 ML
EAN 8711347230891


500 ML
EAN 8711347230914


500 ML
EAN 8711347245147


500 ML
EAN 8711347245161


500 ML
EAN 8711347245185

fluor yellow

500 ML
EAN 8711347245208

* colours may differ from the preview above.