Colour Polish

Remove superficial scratches in the lacquered surfaces of your car with MOTIP Colour Polish. The polish contains pigment which masks the superficial scratches. Colour Polish gives your car glossy result and restores the original car colour. Colour Polish is lightly polishing, protects against the weather, reduces the adhesion of dirt and contains silicones.

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Usage instructions

Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly.

Store frost-free.

Do not use in the blazing sun.

Shake thoroughly before use.

The surface should be clean and dry.

Apply Colour Renovator with a moist cloth and polish.

Allow to dry and polish to high gloss with a dry, clean cloth.



500 ML
Art. nr. 000746
EAN 8711347220458


500 ML
Art. nr. 000747
EAN 8711347220472


500 ML
Art. nr. 000748
EAN 8711347220496

light red

500 ML
Art. nr. 000749
EAN 8711347220519


500 ML
Art. nr. 000750
EAN 8711347220533


500 ML
Art. nr. 000751
EAN 8711347220557


500 ML
Art. nr. 000752
EAN 8711347220571

* colours may differ from the preview above.