Rain Away

Repel rain on your car’s windows and mirrors with MOTIP Rain Away. The spray can also be used to repel rain from the visor of your helmet or windshield of your scooter. MOTIP Rain Away reduces the adhesion of dirt and contains silicones.

  • no colour
  • 500 ML

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  • User-friendly
  • Water repellent
  • Reduces the adhesion of dirt
  • Contains silicones

Usage instructions

Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly.

Store frost-free.

Thoroughly clean the surface with MOTIP Glass Cleaner.

Apply Rain Away and equally spread with a dry cloth or tissue paper.

Then polish with a dry cloth till no stripes remain.


no colour

500 ML
Art. nr. 000734
EAN 8711347220298

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