Diesel Injection Cleaner

Clean the injector nozzles and inlet of your car’s diesel engine without dismantling with MOTIP Diesel Injection Cleaner. Carbon oil and soot deposits are properly removed. Ensures lasting lubrication of the injection pump, especially for low-sulphur diesel fuels. For use in all diesel engines. Also suitable for high-pressure direct injection diesel engines with common-rail technology or pump injectors.

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  • Reliably removes contamination from the entire fuel system caused by operation
  • Avoids formation of deposits in the injection system and at the injection nozzles
  • Keeps the engine clean, ensures clean combustion and reduces fuel consumption, helping to protect the environment
  • Reduces wear and tear of all injection system components, especially with low-sulphur diesel fuels, and protects against corrosion

Usage instructions

Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly.

Add to the fuel tank before filling up. One can (300 ml) is sufficient for up to 60 liters of diesel. The product works during operation.

Attention: Cleaning fluid – not a fuel substitute!