Influences from outside can damage materials. Covers become dirty, rubbers no longer close properly, V-belts start to slip, metals oxidise and moisture causes electrical malfunctions. With the right solution, you can keep materials and parts in the best condition. Our protective Technical Sprays provide solutions for a wide range of applications.

V-Belt Spray

Protect the v-belt of your car with MOTIP V-Belt spray to remedy and prevent slipping. Also suitable for other vehicles and machines.

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Cable Protect

Prevent damage to cables and the wiring of your car by martens/small mammals with MOTIP Cable Protect.

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Impregnation Spray

Make materials such as the upholstery of your car waterproof with MOTIP Impregnation Spray. Suitable for all types of textiles and leather from shoes to tents.

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Anti-Corrosion Primer

Protect steel parts and machines with MOTIP Anti-Corrosion Primer. Suitable as pre-treatment for topcoating with air drying alkyd resin lacquers.

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Silicone Spray

Protect and lubricate rubber parts against freezing, drying out and plastic parts from creaking and squeaking with MOTIP Silicone Spray.

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Electro Protect

Prevent starting problems caused by moisture in electrical systems with MOTIP Electro Protect.

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