Materials that slide or wear together can get stuck. By regularly applying lubrication sprays or lubricants, you prolong the service life of parts, reduce wear and prevent malfunctions. MOTIP’s selection of lubricants provides solutions for a wide range of applications. The choice of the right lubricant depends on the temperature, speed, pressure, type of motion and environmental factors.

Multi Spray

Prevent creaking and squeaking and let stuck parts run smoothly again by lubricating the parts with MOTIP Multi Spray. The Multi Spray has a cleaning effect and removes oil, grease, wax and tar.

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Multi Spray (Drum)

Loosen stuck parts and prevent creaking and squeaking of parts by lubricating with MOTIP Multi Spray. The Multi spray has a cleaning effect and removes oil, grease, wax and tectyl.

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MOTIP PTFE Dry provides good lubrication and leaves a dry surface. Its very low friction factor formula makes it perfect for use on mechanisms that are regurlary used such as chains, tools, drills, rails, lock mechanisms and many more applications.

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Restore suppleness to parts with MOTIP PTFE Oil and ensure that windshield wipers, seat belts, door locks, hinges and many more application fields to run smoothly again.

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White Grease

Let stuck parts, hinges, bearings, springs and many more application run smoothly again with White Grease containing PTFE.

  • Beige
  • 2 volumes
    • 200 ML
    • 500 ML

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Industrial Chain Grease

Lubricate chain-driven transmissions which are subjected to heavy loads with MOTIP Industrial Chain Grease.

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