Vaseline Spray

Protect your bike’s rims and screw connections with MOTIP Vaseline Spray. Vaseline Spray is a universal lubricant and preservative spray with excellent adhesion. Vaseline Spray prevents clamping and protects screw connections and rims against corrosion and wear.

  • white
  • 400 ML


  • Water-repellent
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Prevents wear and sticking
  • Resistant to weather influences
  • Resistant to weak acids and bases
  • Excellent corrosion prevention
  • Misty spray pattern

Usage instructions

Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly.

The aerosol should have room temperature.

Best processing temperature 10 to 25°C.

Before use, shake the aerosol.

Apply the vaseline spray in a thin layer.

Optimum lubrication is obtained after evaporation of the solvent.



400 ML
Art. nr. 000285
EAN 8711347209217

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