DPF Cleaner

Tool to loosen and remove ash deposits in diesel-particle filter systems, without disassembly. DPF Cleaner is fast-acting and is non-corrosive. MoTip DPF Cleaner is free from solvents and non-flammable.

EGR Cleaner

Fast acting exhaust gas recirculation cleaner, to dissolve deposits in EGR valve, air intake system, manifold and inlet valves. To restore air flow to engine, improving power and acceleration and reducing exhaust smoke. EGR cleaner leaves no residue and prevents the deposit of resin.

Airco Cleaner

Cleansing foam to condition the air-conditioning in motor vehicles. MoTip Airco Cleaner has a subtle scent, optimizes the functioning of the air-conditioning and prevents malfunction.

Underbody Coating (Stone Chip Spray)

MoTip Stone Chip Spray (High Solid) is a underbody coating against chippings to treat the underside and visible parts of motor vehicles. MoTip Stone Chip Spray is recoatable with all lacquer systems and has an excellent rust prevention.

Bike Care

How to clean your bike like a pro with MoTip Bike Care.

Carat spray paint

MoTip Carat is a high quality decorative acrylic lacquer, with the properties of a car refinishing lacquer. However, with the advantage that the application is so user friendly that now everyone can benefit from the advantages of a spray can. The Carat assortment consists of primers, plastic primer, several trendy lacquers, some effect lacquers (chrome and sparkle) and a special primer for styropor.

Fuel Additives

See how the MoTip Fuel Additives clean and protect your fuel system.

Oil Additives

See how the MoTip Oil Additives clean and protect your oil system.

Radiator Additives

See how the MoTip Radiator Additives clean and protect your cooling system.