High temp

Lacquer to treat surfaces, treated and untreated, which are exposed to very high temperatures.

  • 3 volumes
    • 0.238
    • 0.2398
    • 100 ML

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Carat Styropor Primer

Fast drying, insulating primer for surfaces of styropor.

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Effect Stain Sealer

Fast drying primer on basis of acrylic resin, with excellent isolating properties for interior use.

  • 0.2221

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Carat Gold and Carat Silver

MoTip Carat is a high quality decorative acrylic lacquer, with the properties of a car refinishing lacquer.

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Effect Enamel

Fast drying nitro cellulose lacquer with good filling properties to embellish and repair pottery and enamelled surfaces.

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Effect Fixation

Universal fixation spray for decoration purposes.

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Effect Zinc

Fast drying zinc spray with good filling properties and excellent adhesion to treat galvanised and untreated steel.

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