Oil Booster

Reduce wear and tear in old engines with MOTIP Oil Booster and prevent wear in new car engines. MOTIP Oil Booster is an additive developed especially for the oil system in the engine for both cars that run on petrol and cars that run on diesel. It increases the lubricity of engine oils and has strong adhesion even at high temperatures. Oil Booster lubricates cylinders even if the engine is not running. This prevents friction on starting after it has not been used for a long time. Less blow-by means less deposits, less fuel dilution and more power. Can be mixed with all engine oils and synthetic lubricators.

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  • Stops exhaust from smoking
  • Stops oil from burning
  • Reduces fuel consumption by stopping blow-by
  • Increases compression
  • Reduces friction by lasting film strength
  • Engine starts faster in cold weather
  • Reduces piston slap, valve and lifter noise
  • Increases oil pressure

Usage instructions

Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly.

Heat up engine to operating temperature.

Then pour contents into engine while idling. For best results, use after oil change, then after each successive change again.

Use two pots of the Oil Booster if the engine has a lot of wear.

Oil Booster is suitable for mixing with all motor oils.

One pot (440 ml) of the Oil Booster is enough for 3-5 liters of oil.